LKFINE DESIGN is a multifaceted Florida design firm that excels at design concept, new construction and renovation, and state-of-the-art interior design. Formerly with the renowned Florida design firm Bray-Lemaire Interiors, Leanne Kendrick has a passion for creating inspired environments for her discerning clientele. With the understanding that her client’s sense of style is personal and evolving, her design aesthetic captures twenty-first century living, whether decorating with antiques, sleek contemporary or classic traditional elements. Energy and character are added to livable spaces, inside and out, through shape, scale, texture, color and finish while balancing modern design, understated elegance and sumptuous details.

LKFINE DESIGN is known for full-scale residential development as well as restoration and refurbishment of upscale homes and condominiums in Florida and throughout the country. Leanne invites you to experience her design portfolio of LKFINE DESIGN and contact her directly to discuss your individual project. Let LKFINE DESIGN, along with its experienced and creative team of professionals, conceive a strong personal statement and unique environment for you that will enable you to live your life with great style and fine design.